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Autumn is in full swing and while the season is in it's peak I though to share some of my favorite seasonal quotes. It's no secret that autumn is my favorite season. I love the changing colors, cooler days, and holidays approaching. It's also the perfect time for travel and going outdoors. In that sense here are some quotes of inspiration to celebrate this season.

When you look closer there is more to see. Though one could argue that taking a look at the bigger picture is much more fruitful, the sights of life are much more interesting when inspected a bit closer. Nature is the perfect example. Sights like little flowers, grass growing and buds on trees would go unnoticed often times if it weren't for a close up shot. So in that sense let us enjoy life from a closer perspective. Thank you all for visiting and linking in! Have a great week!

It has been on the back burner for a while now, but I can finally talk about our next big road trip. My friends and I will be visiting the USA again this year. Last year we visited the Southwest USA, more specifically California, Nevada and Arizona. You can take a look back at our road trip from 2015 here.

We are finishing up our stay in the mountains, but before we depart I want to show you the most interesting part of our hike in this third part of images. This mountain range is known for its natural beauty. We drove with the car as far as we could into the mountains so that our hike on the roads could be as long as possible and so that we could see most of everything. The road was pretty beat up and my car just managed to swirl along and keep up with the many bumps and holes. The sights made up for it.

When the day comes to an end sights change. Skies turn color, fiery glows illuminate the surroundings and nature in general goes into hibernation mode. But the sight before night approaches can be equally fascinating as a sunny day. Shadows create interesting shapes, clouds bring in the dramatic and winds the much needed freshness. I hope to see you join us this week for another round of "Through My Lens". I wish you a happy start into the new week!

We embarked on a new path which took us further up the mountain. As we made the curve and started going up the hill, we had a great view of the Glogosnica river valley. The small, same named village, could be see in the far distance. It was very hot and I was ready to head back into the woods again. Before we knew it we were at the top of the hill and the walk in the mountains continued, with the forest surrounding us.

Welcome to the start of a new three part travel series. I took these images this past weekend while I was visiting our mountain cottage with my friends. On Saturday morning we went out for a walk in the local mountains, and this photo series will show the sights we saw along the way. These were taken in the mountain Prenj, which we have visited before. But this time we took a whole new approach to hiking and went through different routs which showed me some parts of this mountain range that I had never seen before.

I always find myself extraordinarily energized by the arrival of fall: the crispness of the air, the slowly growing darkness, the simmering of soup on the stove, and the pulling on of wool sweaters. I love to witness the great turning of the leaves toward radiance and then release. I have much to learn from trees about living brightly and then letting go at the right moment. A lot of people celebrate fall season with pumpkin pie, decorations, and taking in crisp mornings. I love all of those, but mostly fall is a season to meditate on colors, life and change.

Europe as a continent offers a lot to the traveler. On a relatively small piece of land (compared to the other continents) you can find many cultures, regions, climates and cities. From the cold north to the warm south, Europe really does offer a lot to the fellow traveler and It can be daunting to choose where to travel to. I wanted to share with you this quick list and offer up my own thoughts on 10 Places I think you should visit in Europe this Fall. Overall traveling in the fall season is enjoyable and for me personally easier then in the summer months.

I have never dreaded the darkness in life. Somehow it has always been a part of this world and approaching it and confronting with it can actually make life more beautiful. Now it's that time of year, when leaves start to turn, cold winds roll into the land and the heat of summer starts to vanish. It naturally begs the question of the dark side of things. I try to use this time of year to my advantage and find beauty in even the darkest spots.

With temperatures sinking it makes going out and exploring nature that much more fun exciting. Fall is not truly here yet and most of nature is in bloom. I try to use this time to make trips and generally explore the world around me. These shots of nature were taken around our mountain cottage, from which I have shown you some new images in my recent post on Friday. I hope to see you out and about as well. Please link up your posts, I can't tell you how much I love browsing through the happening in your corner of the world.

While you could argue that summer is still around (especially here in the south of the country), the northern parts are slowly but surely starting to experience the start of the fall season. During a recent visit to our Mountain Cottage I got to capture some of those sights. You will see nature in bloom though, as the fall season has only just started.

Traditional Villages are common here in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You have really, really old ones, everyone knows about, like Lukomir, then there are the hidden ones spread out through the country. One of those hidden gems is the village Babici in the plains of Rostovo, located near Bugojno. Now, this village, though traditional in design isn't really old. It has been rebuild in order to showcase what life used to look like.

We had some really great weather this past weekend (though it rained on Sunday) which made walking the city really enjoyable. We had friends visiting and did the obligatory walk through the Old Town of Mostar. This time we went to  the Koski Mehmed-Pasha Mosque. It really gives you the best views of the old bridge. Completed in 1618, this mosque is the second biggest in Mostar. It is placed just 150 meters north of the Old Bridge on the very edge of the river bank. That position gives an unforgettable view over the Old town from the mosque’s minaret. Here are some images for our afternoon and thank you for visiting and linking up.

On the second day in Neum, after a whole day of swimming (for me at least) my friends and I went for a walk in the western part of Neum. The city has build a brand new walking lane, that stretches along the shoreline. On one side you can find new houses, apartments and luxurious homes and on the other private beaches, and the crystal clear Adriatic Sea. Come join us for one final summer stroll along the seaside.

I'm bringing back the multi part travel series on the blog it seems. After completing the 3-part Zijemlje travel series, I'm back again, but this time with a two part post about my recent weekend in Neum. I have already posted some GoPro underwater images I took while swimming there. This series here are actually two walks my friends and I made on two separate days. Part one covers the east part of town, while the second one covers the west part which includes a brand new walking lane. I hope you will enjoy both of them.

As the day came to an end so did our stay in the foothills in the slopes of mountain Velez. But before we departed and returned home we enjoyed the sunset here. After climbing a small hill we saw this really gorgeous mountain valley. Some roads (though I using the word road is very generous here) were leading away into the forests. We stayed close by though, and to our surprise discovered tombstones scattered across the valley...

Summer isn't completely gone here in South Europe and while the work days are busy and hectic, the weekends still offer themselves up for an escape to the seaside. These images were taken under water with the GoPro 4, and I had a lot of fun using the little camera. I took some videos as well, and tried to capture as much as interesting details beneath the surface as I could. I hope you will enjoy these. I hope to share some above the surface shots as soon as possible, but before that the third and final part of the "Visiting Zijemlje" photo series, will be uploaded as well.

As the sun started to set in the valley of the village Zijemlje, the landscapes started to change around us. Gone was the heat of the afternoon and a calm and mellow wind blew through the land. We returned to our car from the place we had explored in the first part. Our goal was to drive further into the mountains, but before that I took some sunset images in the valley.

There are many places in south Bosnia and Herzegovina that offer themselves up for a great day trip. Places like Blagaj, Kravice Waterfalls, Pocitelj, Stolac, and so on. Most of them are well known and tourists swarm them, especially in the summer. But when you really want to escape to crowds there are other places where it feels like it's the end of the world. Small villages, like Zijemlje, located an hour drive up the mountains from Mostar. I have visited this village before during the winter, and always wanted to come back when the trees are green and maybe even at sunset. Luckily for me, I accomplished both of those things this past Saturday.